About Us

We are members of the Bahá’í Faith, the world’s newest global religion, whose purpose is to bring about a new society that will unite the peoples of the world.

We host devotional gatherings that are open to all. And we run study classes on the Bahá’í writings that people of all religions—and no religion—have found to be spiritually uplifting and helpful in developing their ability to serve humankind.

To find out more about our Faith and its founder, Bahá’u’lláh, or to read our sacred Writings, please follow the links on this page.

Bahá’ís have been in Puslinch since John Penrice, who was born and had lived in Puslinch Township, became a Bahá’í in 1963. He died in 1971 and is buried in the Puslinch Crown Cemetery. This was the first Baha’i burial in Puslinch Township. His daughter, Heather Pellizzari, and her mother, Jean Penrice, planted a crab apple tree in his memory at the Historic Corner Block Park in Morriston. At the base of the tree is a plaque in his memory.

A Baha’i family moved to Puslinch Township in September 1974 and soon were followed by other Baha’i families moving to the Township. In April 1977, the first Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Puslinch Township was formed and was incorporated soon after. This Assembly has continued to govern the affairs of the Puslinch Baha’i Community since then.